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Jane Smith
Ceramics, Glass

Jane studied at Dartington College of Art and then Birmingham City university gaining a B.A Hons. in Ceramics and Glass. She has taught glass and ceramics for over… View

Helen Marton

Helen produces playful, resonant works using a variety of appropriate materials. Her works frequently allude to function, borrowing and abstracting meaning and significance from both domestic and ritual… View

Di Winterman

Always having been involved with pages, paper and type and now working in ceramics I find the same sensibilities have translated to clay. I am still attracted by… View

Emma West

I work with porcelain producing two dimensional pieces. Principally I explore surface texture and impression to achieve an image using glazes to emphasize design. There are two main… View

John Webb

I make domestic, salt-glaze, wood-fired stoneware pottery. The forms and techniques are mostly traditional, reflecting my love of country pottery from Britain and elsewhere. Most work is thrown… View