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Holly Young
Sculpture, Textiles

Milliner Holly Young takes inspiration from British heritage and nature to produce elegant and classic accessories with a modern twist. With an appreciation of clean lines and simple… View

Terence & Katrina Wagstaff

A marriage of art, design and engineering, Terence and Katrina produce decorative quality products ranging from artistic, figurative forms to more functional items for the discerning. They work… View

Lawrence Murley

Born in the 60s and a native of Cornwall, Lawrence Murley has lived and worked in Penwith all his life. Educated at Humphrey Davy Grammar School then later… View

Theresa Gilder

Most of theresa gilder’s work comprises intertwining figures carved into a recognisable form thereby conveying the loving, caring nature of humanity. Her sensual, tactile figures invite the viewer… View

Esther Smith
Other Media, Sculpture

I make miniature mechanical objects which capture the essence of fleeting moments or much loved tales. The automata are designed to sit proudly on a mantelpiece or be… View