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Sharon Verry

Sharon trained atSt Martin’s School of Art, London, gaining a B.A.Hons in Fashion and Textiles. Since then she has been exploring and developing her own unique style of… View

Denise Stracey

Denise Stracey has an established background in the field of creative design. She has been described not as a fashion designer, but rather as a sculptor who works… View

Wendy Stedman

Each piece of my work starts from a series of drawings. From the final drawing scaled designs are made for the threads to be dyed to. The threads… View

Sue Spooner

Sue Spooner makes flat weave tapestry in rich hand-dyed wool or silk, woven on a horizontal foot power loom. She specialized in sculpture and printmaking at Cardiff College… View

Melody Ryder

Melody was born in Cornwall and grew up as part of a creative family. It was almost inevitable she would go on to study textiles. Having always been… View