Graham Black


Graham Black's Bio

I graduated from Brighton University in 1985 with a BA in Graphic Design and Illustration, but more importantly I left with a lifelong passion for print. During my professional career I have been an art director and graphic designer on magazines and newspapers for some of the most respected brands in publishing, including the FT, The Economist and The Observer.  My graphic design background underpins and informs my approach to my print work.

I recently relocated to St Buryan near Penzance in Cornwall to focus more fully on my printmaking. My affinity with West Penwith’s rugged coastal landscape motivates and informs much of my work. Abstract images of the rocks and pebbles discovered on daily walks, and bike rides around Land’s End are a major influence, as are the twisted, distorted Monterey pine trees  that influence my Japanese-woodblock-inspired prints. I work predominantly with silkscreen printmaking but increasingly eschew the traditional mechanical approach to this process by deliberately painting pigment directly onto the screen to create spontaneous inking effects, rendering each of my prints unique. I am now looking to be looser and more spontaneous in my mark-making by drawing and painting directly onto Trugrain film and exposing screens from this hand drawn positive.