Helen Eastham


Glass artist Helen Eastham is passionate about making work which connects her and others to the topography, flora and fauna of the Southwest. Her playground has been the beaches, coast-paths and inter-tidal zones of the Cornwall coast for decades.


Helen recognises the importance of connections to people and places whether long standing or transient and draws on these experiences to inform her work.

Walking around the native coastline gives her inspiration; photographing, sketching and drawing allows her time to plan the designs in advance, but on the day of creating the glass Vessels her process is also organic:  much of what she feels will influence the design further.

Helen loves the freedom of the unknown; she embraces the ability to react to an unexpected occurrence to develop the work as it is made.


Helen specialises in working with glass powders as a prominent medium as she feels it is like “playing and manipulating sand” she sieves, compresses and draws into the powder to create and build component parts to be added to sheet glass to interpret her abstracted designs.



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