Ken Luckhurst

Ceramics, Sculpture, Wood

Ken Luckhurst's Bio

Originally from Sussex, I moved to Cornwall with my wife in 2000 and work as a gardener in the picturesque Lizard Peninsula.

I make pots in my leisure time, specialising in sgraffito and smoked earthenware. All my pots are made by the coiling process. When the pots are cool, having been fired to 900 degrees Centigrade in an electric kiln, they are buried in sawdust which is then ignited. As this smoulders, smoke penetrates the surface of the pots leaving random patterns unique to each piece of pottery. After washing, the pots are sealed and waxed, making them delightful to hold and admire.

Whenever possible, I use local clay that I either dig or acquire from excavation sites. I enjoy the challenge of turning raw clay into beautiful pots. It is surprising how local clays vary from the Lizard, the clay fires to a rich red colour yet further around the coastline a deep brown.

I am inspired by classical shapes and natural forms and often decorate the surface of my pots with relief carvings. As I am a full-time gardener my pottery output is low. However, this allows me to produce quality pots that are individual, and a pleasure to own.