Louise Vercoe


I was born in Cornwall and live in the countryside near Gorran.

I was taught the art of etching by Trevor Price more than 25 years ago, and have continued to develop and try out many forms of printmaking methods ever since including at workshops with John Howard (RE).

Recently I have returned to the very direct method of mark making – drypoint – ??which enables me to work in a very straightforward manner, using only the stylus to create texture and line on the plate.?? There is no acid involved and I enjoy the challenge of creating different effects using this method.?? I work in small editions, and never tire of the excitement of seeing the first print pulled from a new edition, or working out in my head possible ways of depicting scenes in print.?? I find experimenting with, and combining, different print methods keeps me fresh and interested, such as monoprints or collagraphs with drypoint.

My subject matter is usually found out in the landscape, and frequently includes figures interacting with, or in the presence of, birds or animals.?? Having grown up on a Cornish farm, this influence is never far away from my work.?? I have a deep interest in the way people and other animals co-exist in the landscape.

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