Margaret Way


Margaret Way's Bio

As a founder member, I have been part of the life of the CCA for a long time, working as a general organiser in the early years,later as treasurer,now I remain a trustee.

It has been very interesting and satisfying to see the association grow and develop ….. opening and closing Pencarrow Gallery,then opening Trelissick,keeping Trelowarren as a base and always supported by the craftsmen continuing to supply work of the highest standard in design,innovation and quality.

Although I have always been involved in the practical aspects of the CCA I have been very conscious of the feeling of unity and desire to show the public what Immense talent is alive and well in the county.

In making ceramics, I was always interested in the shape and form of my pots, how they looked from different angles and in various lights,attempting to be uncomplicated and aesthetically satisfying.Frequently I felt reluctant to apply even glaze and never decoration,which seemed to blur the actual image of the piece of clay.However glaze is a necessity,so my compromise was a plain black surface.

My crocheted jackets initially were the result of a need to create something when my hands were not able to throw any more clay on my wheel!!! I soon became very intrigued with fibres,texture,colour and design,so I continue to make a few individual garments each year.