Paul Jackson


As ideas and techniques bear on Paul’s work, so new directions have emerged. In the spring of 2014 Paul commenced a series titled Madrugada (meaning dawn in Portuguese). It reflected the journey Paul’s pots make through his travels.

This combines the vigour of free painting upon the pot surface based on a geometric grid. The spontaneity and liveliness of the brush work makes reference too many influences, not least Paul Klee and Alexander Calder.

Following on from the Madrugada series the Aube series (dawn in French) uses circles and shapes to create a lively, musical, almost dancing feel. The grounds for this series are many layers of near tonal colour, which gives a greater depth than in the previous series.

Paul continues to work with the wood kiln and salt-glazing, creating work of a more oriental origin. These pieces, in both porcelain and stoneware, reflect the colours of the sea and the landscape of Cornwall.

Underlying all Paul’s work is a concern for function and he encourages pieces to be used.


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