Remon Jephcott

Ceramics, Jewellery

Remon graduated from University College, Falmouth in 2008 with a degree in Contemporary Craft. She continued studying at UFC, gaining a Masters degree in 20th Century Art & Design, Histories & Theories.

Since graduating she has been a practicing ceramicist and has exhibited her work widely throughout the UK.?? Based in Truro, Cornwall, her love for the West Country is pivotal to her creative practice.

Her interest in ceramics began when she first witnessed the opening of a kiln. Amazed by how clay and glaze are transformed by fire, she was inspired to experiment with colour and surfaces on her pieces.

Remon creates her pieces with a combination of slip-casting and hand-build techniques.?? She uses earthenware clay and a range of kiln firings including glaze, decal and lustre. The various firings create the layered effects together with the addition of silver, glass and textiles. She is fascinated by the notion of fruit as a metaphor for female sexuality.?? Here the fruits are fallen and rotten.

At the prestigious graduate show, New Designers, she was invited to join The Society of Designer Craftsmen and won their Award for Excellence at The Mall Galleries January 2009.

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