Stephanie Pace


Stephanie Pace's Bio

After moving to Cornwall from London in 1997 and following an extensive 15 year career in display and design, I re trained using clay; my new creative medium. I found that I could transfer and utilize to great advantage my background experience in design aesthetics, composition, colour, placement and presentation.

My interest in ceramics lead me to study traditional pottery at Penzance School of Art, but my ideas and expectation were revolutionized when I investigated contemporary techniques and materials whilst studying for my HND in Ceramics and graduating with a ‘Distinction’ in summer 2004. I  immediately  exhibited successfully with the Cornwall Craft Association  and selected galleries, working from my studio at my home in Lelant, St Ives overlooking the fabulous estuary views.

I enjoy specializing and working with porcelain as it has a supremely fine, smooth texture and strong body that is visually beautiful at every stage of the making process and therefore truly rewarding. I mainly hand slab build my pieces, focusing on giving each one a sense of flow within its composition which links right through from rolling the clay out, to the finished piece. I use found objects to make marks and textures on the porcelain before cutting and forming them by hand into their individual shapes. I apply the colours and designs by dipping and brushing, then the lengthy processes of drawing and scratching directly onto the surface, re applying and layering colour, to slowly build each design threw a process of multi firings.

I like to make fresh contemporary designs derived from influences of 50s and 60s art and print and inspired by the Cornish coastal colours.  Each piece is high fired to 1260 C followed by multi firings, the final of which adds on the copper and platinum lusters which I love to finish my pieces with.