Victoria Hilliard


Victoria Hilliard's Bio

About my work and me.

I have developed my kiln fired relief ceramic pictures over the past 25 years. In that time I have moved around England but always came back to my native Cornwall. I have lived in Penwith for 15 years. I love 2 dimensional painting and drawing but I always get pulled back into working the clay in to the image I want to present. It has become my medium as oils are to a painter.

It can take years sometimes for ideas to ferment and then finally come out as a finished work. My head never stops looking, developing, absorbing colours or sketching ideas. I have far more ideas than I can produce, which am frustrating. Much of my time is taken up in the organising, delivering, and selling the work. I also have a family that mean a lot to me and take much time, so my actual studio time is tight.

I show in selected galleries all around the southwest at the moment. I have in the past shown a lot in London and even New York, But for now I get much pleasure from being part of Artspace, an artist led co-operative in St Ives. I am loving it’s localness and busy-ness. I enjoy chatting with the visitors; they always have some interesting opinion to share. And it breaks the alones of being in the studio.

My work is informed by a cocktail of; my horticultural experience on Scilly, training in Graphics and Fine Art, an extensive family who all seem to be creative in one way or an other, parents who were market gardeners and potters, brilliant teachers, and all the Pewithian life around me.