Wendy Stedman


Wendy Stedman's Bio

Each piece of my work starts from a series of drawings.

From the final drawing scaled designs are made for the threads to be dyed to. The threads are pre washed then dyed to the scale design. After dying the threads are steamed to fix the dyes then washed.  Finally – the threads are hand woven to produce the design.  The design is on the warp threads (top and bottom).  The weft thread is plain.  This technique I have developed from the concept of ikat weaving.

After Care

The threads are the most beautiful Egyptian Cotton. The dyes I use are Procion MX, selected to offer the most light-fast qualities.

It is advisable to hang all textile works out of direct sun light.  I have work that has been on the wall for over 10 years without fading. I just occasionally dust the work with a feather duster.

It is possible to gently wash the work as all threads were washed before weaving. However, if you feel you would rather protect the work, it can be put behind glass.

I hope this information is of interest. If you still have question then the Gallery will try to help or you can contact me on 01566 782795