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For over forty years the Cornwall Crafts Association has supported the craftmakers resident in Cornwall to encourage the highest standards of design and making. It also aims to reach a wider audience to promote a greater appreciation and understanding of contemporary design-led craftwork.

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Barry Huggett

James Robinson

Angela Annesley

Amanda Brier

Naomi Singer

Sam Isaacs

Tim Wayne

Scott Woyka

Debra Heywood

Amanda Ray

Corinne Carr

Ian Laurie

Louise Vercoe

Veronica Polyblank

Sally Tully

Gregg Anston-Race

Craig Carsley

Ron Jones

Deb Davidson

Margot Hartley

Remon Jephcott

chunky ring with moss agate

Lucy Spink

Sue Spooner

Mary Goldberg

Delan Cookson

Amy Cooper

Amanda Richardson

Stephanie Johnson

Carol Scott

Heather Frary

Graham Black

Louise Nichols

Sharon Verry

Geraint Wilton

Julie Murdoch-George

Jenny Beavan

Davina Kirkpatrick


Richard Phethean

Sharon McSwiney

Suzy Sharpe

Chris Prindl

Jennie Hale

Sarah Dunstan

Jackie Harrison

Sandra Austin

Ben Barker

Stephanie Cunningham

Esther Smith

Geraldine Jones

Marie-louise Denny

Leah Lewington

Sally Wills

Linda Styles

Penny Black

Paula Downing

Christine Povey

Maya Ullman

Rose Karensa

Denise Stracey

Holly Young

Wai-yuk Kennedy

Diana Wayne

Lesley Silver

Emma West

Nicky Mills

Carole Venables

John Webb

Jen Williams

Esme Burton

Britta James

Turner & Spink

Charlotte Jones

Julia Mills

Elinor Lamond

Rachel Stowe

Debbie Prosser

Howard Moody

Jacqueline Clark

Carole Green

Lisa Mortensen

Maxine Symons

Claire Armitage

Mary English

Jane Smith

Hilary Jean Gibson

Melody Ryder

John Parkes

Trevor Price

Nicola Bottono

Maria Mayle

Charles Hall

Lisa Wisdom

Mary Rich

Louise Thompson

Paul Jackson

John Mee

Nic Harrison

Richard Buckingham

Shelagh Spear

Martin Page

Jane Suchodolski

Victoria Hilliard

Noreen Todd

Hugh West

Debbie Rudolph

Louisa Ellis

Wendy Kotenko

Vivien Prideaux

Lawrence Murley

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Currently at Trelissick House, Celebrating 125 of the National Trust Exhibition


Currently at Trelissick Gallery re-opening 1st August