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Wai-yuk Kennedy
Jewellery, Textiles

Wai-Yuk Kennedy was born in Hong Kong where her family ran a small textile factory. After leaving school she worked in the family business designing gloves while also… View

Deb Davidson
Jewellery, Textiles

My current design inspirations come mostly from observations of natural Cornwall, expressing this through the abstraction of natural forms into visually linear imagery. Traditional techniques are given a… View

Maxine Symons

I was born in Bissoe, Cornwall and studied at the Royal College of Music in London, where I lived for many years. After a long career as a… View

Margot Hartley

I work in a mixed metal medium, sterling silver, gold, brass and copper, combining these metals I create beautiful pattinas that enhance the wearers complexions. I draw up… View

James Robinson

I am particularly interested in surface textures and in combining silver and gold, as in the stud earrings in the first image. The other images show little gold… View