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Sculpture, Wood

Every piece of work is part of the journey: From wood to forest to life And stone to Earth to the stars How form and space dancing, shows… View

Shelagh Spear
Ceramics, Sculpture

Sculpture has been a life long interest for Shelagh, and since she completed her Studio Ceramics degree in 2000 has used clay as the medium for her artwork.… View

Stephanie Cunningham
Ceramics, Sculpture

‘Stephanie’s work is mostly influenced by animal forms. She has always had animals around her and the connection she has with them is the essence of her work.… View

Amy Cooper
Ceramics, Lighting, Other Media, Sculpture

My work is inspired by the world under the sea, the world under the microscope and the magic of landscapes at twilight. My work addresses the fragility and… View

Carole Venables
Ceramics, Sculpture

Carole trained at Cardiff College of Art and Warwick University. After a career as a theatre technician, followed by 20 years of teaching art and design, Carole finally… View