Davina Kirkpatrick


Davina Kirkpatrick's Bio

My work is primarily about the interaction of light, either through intervention into spaces with architectural glass or by light playing upon the surface of sculptural glasswork or enamelled metal. I play with transparency / opacity / layers of image and meaning.

I produce work to both public and private commission as well as for exhibition. My media expertise encompasses glass, vitreous enamel on steel and copper, printmaking, painting, as well as design for furniture and flooring in collaboration with architects, project managers, and fabricators.

Public art has given me the opportunity to work in a variety of settings; these include health care, schools, and museums. My way of working is to consult widely with the community who will use the space.

In recent public art projects I have been exploring how history leaves marks and traces upon the environment. This has lead onto cast glass pieces that are cast directly from the environment, for example trees. There is a fullness created by texture and colour contrasting with an absence, because the source of the cast is not there. They contain the essence of a specific place and moment; a journey.

My current practice based PhD study across Contemporary Art and Cultural Geography explores the presence of absence.