Emma West


Emma West's Bio

I work with porcelain producing two dimensional pieces.

Principally I explore surface texture and impression to achieve an image using glazes to emphasize design.

There are two main strands to my current work;

First is a continuation of a series of botanical impressions, using fresh plants; this has developed from ‘straight’ tiles to a more sensitive and fluid approach to subject and material in recent years. Individual specimens have evolved to a presentation of the plant with more context; a still life, a composite form, a landscape. The ‘Allium’ and ‘Garland’ series aim to inject more strength into the work, using flowers en masse to create impact.

Second is a technique which involves constructing an embroidered image (using cotton and an open weave cloth) which is then impressed in to the porcelain. I am interested in printing techniques, particularly etching and can see many possibilities with this method.

In all of my work I aim to maintain a continuity of style which is very personal and to explore making techniques borne out of my experience and interests.