Helen Eastham


Helen Eastham's Bio

I am passionate about making work which connects me to the topography, flora and fauna of Cornwall. My playground has been the beaches, coast-paths and intertidal zones of the coast for decades. There is nothing better or nicer than meandering along the paths, walking across virgin sand left by the retreating tide or exploring the rockpools.  It’s about bringing the outdoors indoors.

I work with glass powders and sheet glass to interpret my abstracted designs, building, layering and using multiple firings to create each unique Vessel.  I sketch and draw, planning the designs but on the day the process is also organic and much of what I feel will influence the design further. Working in a semi structured way allows me to be organised but gives me the freedom to be responsive in the moment of making.

I love the freedom of the unknown, I love being able to react to an unexpected occurrence to develop the work as it is made.  I am constantly learning and my work is an evolving process where each design feeds and informs the next. Its simple, I love what I do, it’s an adventure and a journey of discovery.