Lesley Harry


Lesley is a Falmouth based printmaker making etchings & abstract screenprints heavily influenced by the natural environment.

‘Less is more’ is her mantra. Revealing the essential and distinctive shape and feel of a place and encouraging a second more considered look is at the centre of her work. Drawing is integral to her practice and helps her observe and sense her surroundings both on the coast and from the sea.

Lesley is best known as a printmaker and her choice of print technique is dictated by her response to a specific environment or situation. Etching best captures the abstract textures in rock, snow and water whilst screen printing satisfies her love of hard edge graphic images and flat vibrant colour.

The Edge and Echo series of screen prints explore the interrelationships between colours, hard and soft forms, negative and positive spaces and how through the different arrangements of the same images an artist can influence the viewers experience. They work as individual artworks or can be grouped to create a larger, unique display.

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