Lucy Spink


Lucy Spink's Bio

Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted by Lucy in her small workshop in Cornwall. The techniques she uses are ones that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years and she prefers to use traditional tools from her Grandad’s workshop to help keep her anchored to her inspiration. The hands on approach means her work feels organic, allowing marks made during the process to remain as an integral part of the surface and giving the owner an glimpse of how each piece has been formed and the time involved in creating each piece by hand. Hand beating gives texture to the silver and gold so it catches the light, ensuring that each piece of jewellery has its own identity and organic form.

Lucy’s inspiration comes from the wonderful ancient landscapes she is surrounded by, the monolith standing stones and from naïve cave drawings she has seen on her travels. She is fascinated by how closely our lives were once bound to the rythms of nature and uses a small element of gold to represent the importance of the natural environment.

The work of Philip Marsden and Robert Macfarlane are a great source of interest, the time they spend walking and the depth of knowledge they have about their environment and the history deeply embedded in the landscape.