Lynne Speake

Ceramics, Jewellery, Other Media, Sculpture

Lynne Speake's Bio

I am a multi disciplinary artist who combines ceramics and found materials. I am process and media driven and it is the emotional journey of making that is the most important part of my practice.

Originally a Painter I am directly influenced, inspired and excited by things unnoticed … erosion, peeling paint, rusting metal, colour, texture and pattern.

I love the sculptural challenge of combining found industrial and organic objects with hand built ceramics. Predominantly large in scale, my work can often sit either on the body, a table or a wall. Along with this I have finally once more connected with my painting practice, only now upon a three dimensional surface.

Along with being the chairperson of Truro based ‘Guild Of Ten’ and a member of Design Nation, I am also Founder and Creative Director of @Precious.Collective (

Created in 2017 ‘Precious’ began as an idea to create a Cornwall based Art Jewellery collective … (but I got carried away !!). Precious is now a group of around 250 Contemporary Art Jewellery makers from all parts of the world at all stages of heir own creative career with a present Instagram following of over

15K. I regularly exhibit and organise exhibitions both in the UK and internationally.