Wendy Kotenko


Wendy is presently a designer-maker of hand and Jacquard woven textiles and senior technician for weave at Falmouth University.

After growing up in Cornwall and completing a foundation art and design course at Falmouth University, Wendy continued with degree and masters study in woven textiles at Farnham, Surrey. This included an exchange to Japan where research included weaving with traditional fibres and natural dyeing in Okinawa and research into paper for woven textiles on mainland Japan.

Wendy creates limited production functional textile pieces including runners, space dividers and scarves using mainly natural yarns. Exploration of materials and finishing techniques are an important part of the work and both natural and synthetic hand dyeing techniques are employed depending on the design and function of the work. Wendy has received two commendation awards for interior textiles from the Bradford textile society annual competition. Wendy has also exhibited textile art works at the Scythia international textile fibre exhibition in the Ukraine.

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