Di Winterman


Di Winterman's Bio

Always having been involved with pages, paper and type and now working in ceramics I find the same sensibilities have translated to clay.

I am still attracted by flat surfaces, space, placement and the use of marks to convey meaning. Consequently wall panels and slabbed vessels form a large part of my work, with the emphasis strongly on surface design.

Aesthetically, I’m in pursuit of the blonde, clean and studiedly restrained; I love the classicism of plaster and the creamy fineness of porcelain especially when combined with the warmer, human element of the handmade. I am drawn to the look of unfired work as much as the finished piece and like to retain this quality as much as possible.

People can find enough scary, sad or tiring stuff in their own day to day lives and so I am less interested with poking at dark underbellies than with the creation peaceful and uplifting interior space, in both head and home.

Working at my studio bench, the wood softly layered in white clay dust and powdered plaster, I get a real sense of equilibrium, tranquillity and physical comfort. That is the feeling that I hope inhabits the finished work.