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Sally Tully

Sally’s unique creations are truly a thing of beauty, and the process behind each one is fascinating. Sourcing plant material such as seaweed and other organic objects like… View

Mary English

BIBLIOGRAPHY Mary Kaun English was born and raised in Southern California, where as a young girl she spent extensive periods of time exploring the then undeveloped San Rafael… View

Craig Carsley
Ceramics, Sculpture

The human form has been central to my work in ceramic from the very first time I handled clay. During my time studying at the University of Wales… View

Richard Phethean

All my work is thrown, often altered and assembled, in a coarse textured terra cotta. When leather-hard the surfaces are created with brushed slips and paper resist. After… View

Barry Huggett

After pursuing a different career my hiatus from pottery is now over and I am back at the wheel in my new home studio in Swanpool. My previous… View