Debbie Rudolph


Debbie Rudolph's Bio

Debbie Rudolph is a designer-maker with a bold approach to creating unique, individual textiles using traditional techniques. Colour and texture are used to create visually exciting textiles, which are both fresh and striking. The handwoven textiles are produced using a 40 year old, Swedish made ‘Lillstina’ loom.

Debbie weaves with a range of materials including cotton, mohair, wool, linen, silk and chenille. The designs explore surface texture with a bold approach to colour, creating visually exciting beautiful textiles that hint of other cultures and different eras while remaining refreshingly contemporary.

Since setting up Debbie has moved on from weaving only scarves, to producing a range of handwoven fashion accessories, as well as cushions, hangings and throws, she also works to commission. Her aim is to produce textiles, which give comfort and pleasure to their owner