Jenny Beavan


Jenny Beavan's Bio


Evolution, decomposition and renewal are key elements to my work. They are mirrored in the places I frequent, and essential considerations in my working

Finding a ‘place’ from which to work provides inspiration, resources and continual experimentation. Frequent visits ‘Lo chosen places provides intimate en%-,Ounter-O and lasting impressions of ‘change’, which help to develop a ‘sense’, and to further my understanding of ‘the places themselves. Resources collected from these sites are expressed and recycled back into the work. This may sometimes involve ILille taking of clay impressions or IL-he collection of combustible material.

I am encouraged through my observations to seek ‘processes of change’ within my working practice. I look for appropriate, simple construction methods involving layering and lamination, repositioning and repetition, recycling and combining opposing materials, and aim to frequently experience ‘chance discovery’ and ‘surprise’.

The clays I use are primarily porcelain and local Cornish china clay, chosen for ‘their free spiriited performance and ability to enhance colour.

The natural colours mined in France, provide a rich and inspiring palette for exploring colour, texture and depth.

Fluxing agents such as feldspar and glass are economically used for contrast.