Jenny Beavan


My work is an exploration of material and place observing in particular the processes of interconnection between water and geology and its influence over geological change. The intention is to capture a moment in that process of these changes and to reflect on the physical outcome.

Water saturates, shifts, seeps, explores, exploits, distracts, destroys, manoeuvres, penetrates, mixes, grades, attacks, surrounds, engulfs, finds a way, a path, a passage, dislodges, gravitates, and be drawn upwards to form clouds and travel the world in its many forms. Water contains contaminants, minerals, debris, and detritus; it can damage and uproot, nurture and sustain life; it has the capacity to cleanse, nourish, heal and provide a home for a myriad of creatures. We can watch, smell, listen, taste, touch and submerge ourselves in water, each of our senses awakened to the experience, a moment in time.

Water connects, envelopes and units all things.

Subjected to natural forces and man???s interventions and utilisation of it, water constantly changes its condition.

In order to express these ???forces??? at work, I wilfully combine uncompromising and incompatible materials such as indigenous aggregates, processed products, clay matrix, combustible vegetation, with china clay, porcelain* and refined clay in various states from wet to dry. As if being choreographed, the materials play out their individual roles with determination often causing stress and drama on their visible ever-changing journey from wet to dry to fired ceramics. Working erratically, rhythmically, sometimes tentatively, I seek to merge imagination with memory in search of surprise and insights.

*I seek to portray the ???nature??? of both porcelain and water as they share the same free spirit, both determining their own life force/equilibrium, defying unnatural pressures to be tamed.

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