Linda Styles


I am trying to capture the power of enduring love, out there, in here, beyond the transient nature of this physical existence, beyond the rawness of being???always.

I hope that the overriding essence of my work is to do with optimism and the positive power of enduring love, my main aim being to focus on love and all that is beautiful in this World, whilst acknowledging a lurid reality that is historically based upon darkness and despair. I do hope that my work is about something ???other??? than itself, awkward balance and seemingly naive pictorial narrative always present, always linked.

I believe that buried deep within us all, we possess the primitive and inescapable character of a force of nature, and that art is a conduit for this raw state of being.??I feel strongly that somehow we are all journeying to the elemental creative core. We are all part of the ever flowing whole.

Linda Styles

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