Linda Styles


Linda Styles's Bio

The off beat ceramics and ‘look twice’ pictures of the multi-dimensional Linda Styles, a London born but Cornwall based potter and painter, reflect an unusual life. Cornwall has been her home for 39 years, down by the sea.

Linda’s practice relates to the exploration of the emotive and instinctual, her main purpose being to use unorthodox expressions of surface and form.

Although she is outwardly immersed in colourful chaos, this freedom of expression is necessarily underpinned by considered and formal elements of design, manifesting in tangible objects that reflect and focus upon love and all that is beautiful in this World. She mainly works from memory and reflection, the majority of my time being spent in the studio environment, surrounded by chemicals, clay and kilns.

Linda is known to use a range of colours that are discordant and yet harmonic, gouged out infills purposefully underlaid with dense earth pigments and oxides, swathes of matt opaque interspersed with glassy pools of intense saturation. Colour, line and space merging background into object, object into background, suggestive, evocative and always open to interpretation.

Linda’s mark making is best described as organic abstract, the methods she uses are relentlessly intense and complex, the studio being her devotional space, her purpose remaining constant regardless of material, method or outcome. She strives to purposefully seek out awkward but stable balance in relationship to form and surface in the ongoing hope of achieving that illusive but palpable tension of opposites that is affecting on so many levels. She also remain conscious of the fact that throughout history/prehistory pottery has carried the potential for expressive visual surface on a multitude of form, the complexity of which delves beneath transient fashion

Linda states that she can travel across decades in her minds eye, without physical restraint or too much reality creeping in, a rollercoaster trip of emotional rediscovery, specifically focused on the exterior places that hold the most potent of memories.

Many have tried to pigeonhole Linda’s work with little success; there is simply nothing like it, exciting, vibrant and not to be missed, a heady mix of quirky, haunting and thoughtful,

Linda, as ever, continues to mix intense with intent.