Maria Mayle

Jewellery, Silversmithing

I am now sitting in my new studio looking out at my tiny garden of ferns and hawthorn. This is where I am at peace.

I have been silversmithing for over 25 years as well as running a gallery. I was taught the basics and from there I am now creating my unique and diverse jewellery. One time while working at my old work bench where people could view me while I worked a traditional gold smith said to me well I certainly would not have done that that way. That remark made me think and contemplate, no I would not be creating the pieces that I make today if I had not had the path that I took, the freedom to play and to teach myself. To experiment and create some totally unique designs.

My work bench is my therapy. I have some awful illness’s that give me pain 24/7 but sat at the work bench I am free. Free to create, to cut with my beautiful saw that is nearly 100 years old, to solder, I simply love it all. I cherish it and hope that people can feel this through each piece that I make.

My Inspiration is Mother nature, I want to share the beauty of mother nature in all her guises. My particular love is flight and movement. I feel so free when I watch any wild life from the Barn Owl to the Hare. Birds have always captivated me, their flight is so awe inspiring from the zig zag flight of the Gold finch to the sawing of the Golden Eagle. The differences in their anatomy, feather shapes, colours and patterns is simply gorgeous and I love the challenge of capturing all of this in my silver and gold pieces.

I am still learning , still growing. I love to experiment and to play. To push how I work as well as what the materials will allow me to do. It fascinates me the array of gems that I can now work with from opals from Australia to Pearls from Japan. All of these I add to my silver and gold work to add a touch of colour and another layer of beauty to a design. I also like playing with the little know metals such a Mokuma Gane and Green Gold both of which bring their own challenges to the table.

My designs are forever playing with shape, contrast, depth and colour and mother nature has no end to her beauty so I hopefully see no end to creating from that. So take a look around you and see what beauty there is and see how you could be inspired to.


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