Mary English


Mary Kaun English's Bio

‘My intention, in both the process of creating the work and the work itself, is to combine bodily and earthly components with spiritual elements to feed the soul and raise awareness.”

Using the inspiration gained from the rugged Cornish landscape she expresses this in her work; using abstract forms and vessels to capture the visual chemical essence of the smoke and fire on their surface. The energy of the elements leaves the work with depth and a narrative.

The firing of Mary’s pieces occurs in an open-air earthen pit or oil drum exposing the porous clay to the smoke given off by the organic materials used. It is intrinsic to her work that she uses only sustainable and locally sourced materials in this traditional method of firing ceramics.

Mary believes that beautiful handmade objects feed the soul.

Creating these objects, while respecting her environment was a conscience decision for Mary.

Mary delights in the creative making process and splits her time between running her bespoke ceramic drop-in workshops and her own personal studio time in her gorgeous garden studio located on the North Cornwall Coast – where the landscape continues to be an inspiration.

As a graduate of the Wimbledon Art College (London), obtaining a BA (Hons) in the ‘Practice and Theory in Fine Art and Design’, and training in ceramics at The Putney School of Art and Design (London) for 5 years, Mary’s work can be found in the most distinguished offices and homes throughout the world.