Melody Ryder


Melody Ryder's Bio

Melody was born in Cornwall and grew up as part of a creative family. It was almost inevitable she would go on to study textiles. Having always been a collector and hoarder of beautiful fabrics, these now influence and inspire her collection of lampshades (although some fabrics still sit on her shelves being deemed too beautiful to use).

In the year 2000 Melody studied Textile and Surface design at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University,  and specialised in Surface Design which incorporated machine embroidery and the manipulation of different fabrics. Her current lampshade designs developed from her initial ideas of producing beautiful and functional pieces for everyday use.

Melody’s lampshades use simple, elegant designs inspired from the landscapes and coastal footpaths and gardens from around West Cornwall where Melody lives with her husband and three young children.  She produces a variety of different collections, some of which incorporate the simplicity of machine embroidery and others where she adds applique materials from her extensive selection up upcycled fabrics which add a bolder finish.  Her most recent collection includes landscape designs from working ports in the area.

Melody’s signature backgrounds tend to include a ‘natural’ colour felt made from 40% wool 60% acrylic.  This produces a softer shade of light, and also allows the design on the shade to be lit to its full potential.  She also loves the tactile feeling of the felt and the touch of indulgence that it gives to something that can be enjoyed every day.

Once she has stitched the designs she then mounts each lampshade individually on to a PVC backing which has been tested and passed the ‘Glow Wire Test’ carried out by the Lighting Association, these are then hand rolled onto epoxy coated white rings.

The creative process is at the heart of Melody’s passion for all things lamp-based and she also welcomes commissions for one-off bespoke designs.