Scott Woyka


Scott Woyka's Bio

I have been making furniture in my workshop in Falmouth since 1995. I am normally working to commission, and enjoy working closely with the client, listening carefully, and offering my interpretations of their brief. Occaisionally, I find the time to create pieces for exhibition, allowing me more creative freedom.

I predominantly use the wonderful resource of our native hardwoods as my palette, and select them carefully for colour and figure. I see each piece as an opportunity to produce something fresh, and so I do not adhere to a strict style. However, my furniture tends to have organic, fluid lines, and tactile qualities. I strive to achieve an elegant simplicity, belying the often complex making required to attain this.

No corners are cut in the making, as I wish each piece leaving the workshop to have those special qualities of an heirloom, and live in the hope that they will be loved for many, many years.