Sue Spooner


Sue Spooner designs and makes weft faced tapestries using richly coloured hand-dyed worsted-spun woollen yarn, woven on a horizontal foot power loom.

She specialised in fine art (sculpture and printmaking) at Cardiff College of Art, and started experimenting with textiles and weaving during a post graduate course at Goldsmiths College.??

??After two years teaching in London, she set up her textile workshop in Stithians, Cornwall and began to work professionally, helped by a Crafts Council Grant in 1975 and a South West Arts Major Award in 1978. For several years she produced both hand-woven cloth and weft-faced tapestry, working these into garments inspired by the striped and geometrical patterns of North African and Oriental textiles.??

From the mid 80s her work changed to concentrate solely on the weaving of tapestry, ranging from small, finely-detailed woven and stitched pieces to larger scale heavier-weight hangings. The designs, both representational and abstracted, were drawn from the land and landscape.

Sue Spooner???s tapestries now take their imagery from the built environment, ancient and historic, where deserted buildings have undergone a process of decay, coloured with rust and verdigris or corroded by the course of time. The forms have been refined into geometric blocks of colour, retaining the essence of the subject matter, but also responding to the nature of weave.

She has worked and reworked this architectural imagery from the landscape and industrial archaeology of Britain, especially Cornwall, as well as areas of Cyprus, Crete, Spain and California.

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